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LED Solar Lighting

Stand alone solar solutions for remote lighting are a cheaper and greener alternative to traditional lighting.

You will save money on the upfront costs with very little in labour costs and no expensive trenching or cabling required with our LED Solar Lighting.

About our LED Solar Lighting Products

For areas where electricity is readily available, Outfront's quality range of LED AC series can be easily connected to mains power to save you up to 60% on electricity costs.

With electricity prices set to soar there has never been a better time to go LED….whether it be Solar or Mains powered.

Traditional electricity production produces large amounts of carbon emissions and the most efficient alternative is to combine LED with Solar.

With our solar lighting solutions you will be helping to reduce emissions and create a greener world while saving money.

Outfront Provide Complete Outdoor LED Solar Lighting Solutions

Outfront Concepts will help:

  • Choose the right system to meet your requirements and public lighting standards
  • Calculate and reduce your carbon emissions
  • Calculate and reduce running costs and payback period
  • Engineer and design to your geographical location and environmental factors
  • Provide illumination engineering to meet your local lighting standards


  • Carparks
  • Barbecue and eating areas
  • Minor roads
  • Open spaces
  • Parks and Reserves
  • Mining Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Foreshores, Marinas and Jetties
  • Temporary and permanent

Our Company Philosophy

Outfront Concepts is a national seller of the latest energy efficient street & park lighting products available on the market today. 

We offer worldwide solutions for street and open area lighting that help reduce the impact that high energy consumption has placed on our globe.

We are passionate about the energy industry and the positive global impact that emerging technologies in this field can have.

Outfront Concepts prides itself on selling only quality of workmanship and engineering with honesty, integrity and a passion for improving the environment.

Lighting Design Architecture


Lighting Design

We have strong background in engineering design and consulting. Along with custom lighting design, we also offer electrical, software and mechanical engineering design and manufacturing services using the latest technology to bring your project to life.

We provide consulting services to help you create secure, safe, energy efficient and low maintenance lighting solutions that meet your needs and budget.


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